Friday, November 28, 2003

Getting Back to "Normal"

It feels a bit odd being out of the office for so long, but still being around the house: Wednesday for the transfer, Thursday for Thanksgiving, Friday for post-Thanksgiving, and then the weekend. Work is backed up, but I guess that can be coped with.

The in-laws breezed in Wednesday night, while Evelin was still on bed rest, and headed home around noon today. I did a little work in the yard (trimming some low-hanging branches from the oak tree near the patio), but other stuff that needs doing -- cleaning the gutters, raking (again), etc. -- are having to wait because of the rain that started yesterday and is expected to stick around through tomorrow. And they're predicting snow late tonight (with no accumulation, thankfully).

Evelin is feeling better. The 24 hours in bed were a bit tiring (ironically enough), and she's still a bit sore from the retrieval, but the meds are going well and we are just waiting for the pregnancy test in December. So, until then, it's just a waiting game ...

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