Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Blueberries, Baby & Bloomsday

It's nice to step out of the house and to grab a handful of blueberries right off the bush first thing in the morning. It makes the commute a little bit better.

I ran into a little problem with painting the window wells last night. Actually it was during the clean up. I'd finished the quart of Behr primer I found in the basement priming the walls and ceiling of the room, so I grabbed the next remnant quart when I decided to prep the window wells. It turned out to be Kilz. In and of itself this is no big deal, but when I started cleaning up the brush, the water that normally washes the paint away was doing nothing; in fact, it seemed to be getting stickier.

I called Evelin down to the basement and got her to read the paint can -- oil paint. Luckily we still had a can of mineral spirits on hand, so I was able to clean things up, but for a minute I thought I was going to learn a valuable lesson about randomly grabbing old cans of paint from the basement ...

Everything else seems to be going well. The baby is kicking a lot . I read (using the paper towel tube to stomach method) the Richard Scarry story "The Polite Elephant." That got a few good kicks.

Monday night, I read the baby a story about Angus the policeman who loved to tell people to "stop" but then he wouldn't stop playing his bagpipes and they exploded. That got a lot of kicks, but Evelin thinks it was because I was translating the story into Scots on the fly and the accent may have been a bit scary.

And for the Joyce fans out there: Happy Bloomsday!

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