Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Paint Under My Nails

Last night Evelin accused me of nesting. Actually, she accused me of either nesting or trying to keep her from nesting. In her estimation (and I don't necessarily disagree with her), I seem to start long overdue big projects that usually involve fixing plaster and painting when she's pregnant and I'm overly protective and insisting that she cannot help.

The last such project was fixing plaster and repainting the bathroom a year or so ago (pre-blog), and it coincided with an IUI cycle, if I recall correctly. This time it is the guest/media room.

I guess it is partially nesting. I don't think I'd want the fumes and dust around once the baby arrives and the room has needed to be done for a long time. Plus, once this is finished, we'll have some place to put non-baby-appropriate that's currently in the nursery-to-be room.

The other odd thing is that I'm more likely to get work done in the evening after work than on the weekend. I'm not sure why that is; maybe I'm carrying over a work-oriented mindset into the evening (or the sanding and hammering helps work out work-based frustrations) and the weekend I'd rather just be a lump (or mow the grass).

In either case, over the weekend, the most I did was sift through the old paint cans in the basement to see what we had and what we needed to get. I found one full can of primer/sealer and last night that went up on the walls and ceiling. Tonight I think I'll do a second coat of the primer on the ceiling, which will make it ready for painting Wednesday night. And we have about a half can of white ceiling paint in the basement, too, so that should take care of that.

Later in the week, we'll need to decide what shade of paint matches our idea of mossy green and then get that for the walls.

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