Monday, June 07, 2004

Stage II Gardening

We're moving into the second stage of the garden. Yesterday, Evelin ripped out most of the peas and put in the tomatoes. We might have gotten a few more days worth of peas, but with 90°F days predicted for mid/late this week they were going to be on their last legs. Plus, the tomatoes really need to get out of the pots and into the ground.

After harvesting the last pods, two beds worth of peas were ripped out and 24 tomato plants (about half cherry tomatoes and half bigger tomatoes) were put in. Between the rows, Evelin planted Genovese and sweet basil. She also potted the Micro Tom tomato and Tangerine Dream pepper we got on Saturday, and add the strawberry plants to the patch out front.

The third bed of peas are still in place at least until Evelin gets some corn seeds/seedlings promised by a coworker. We think we can fit a couple of ears into that bed, which should give us a small harvest. Evelin's father grows corn each year, but we've never tried it at our house.

Elsewhere, the okra is looking good and there were some more raspberries to nibble on Sunday. I want to cook my daylily bud and pasta recipe this week, but I'll have to act quickly ...Thee buds are all turning to flowers (which are tasty, but don't hold up well when sautéed).

Other Things

Zoo: Since it was a pretty nice day, I got to the zoo early to make sure I could find a parking place and would have time to walk from where ever I parked to the Panda House before my shift started. The bears themselves were good, and in passing through the zoo, I got to see the new giant Pacific octopus (OctopuDublinni) anGeoffreyoy, the new Rothschild's giraffes.

Furniture: Ikea delivered the chair yesterday, but were about an hour later than the four-hour window we were given for delivery. When I got home from the zoo, Evelin had a letter drafted demanding a refund of our delivery fee as they had failed to meet the specified time.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think we can get 12-15 ears in the triangle and I think we planted more like 24 tomato plants (10 +14). But, this is minutia! I love you!!! Evelin

T. Carter said...

I think we're going to have to rename you Evelin-Factchecker ... You're right I'm thinking the 14 tomatoes in the second bed (because you had the others in the ground when I started counting) ... and you think you'll get that much corn in? Wow.

T. Carter said...
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