Thursday, June 24, 2004

Happy Blogday to Me ...

One year ago today, I signed up with Blogger and Blog*Spot and began "Lifechanges ... Delayed."

Evelin and I were on a break from trying to conceive, and I thought the blog form would be good for me both to help get out of my head some of the things we had been going through with infertility, miscarriage, etc., and the general "stuck" feeling life was taking as we were trying unsuccessfully to have a child.

Flash forward 366 days (and 353 posts), and things are looking a bit different. Evelin is close to entering the third trimester (tomorrow will be 26 weeks) and the reality of becoming a parent is getting frighteningly tangible.

So there it is, one year later, and lifechanges are on their way ...

Why Blog?

A blogday seems like a good reason to explore why someone would blog, or at least why someone would start blogging.

I had poked around at blogs some, read some friend's blogs, and even toyed with the idea of starting one a few weeks earlier, but something about 24 June 2003 got me to stop thinking and to start typing. Maybe it was reading Anita's And Baby Makes Seven (her 24 June 2003 entry about mint and the garden got me to comment, but I don't know that that specific entry got me to start blogging). I dunno, for my BlogTree I listed Anita, Johan, and Marta as the bloggers who sparked "Lifechanges ... Delayed," so they're the ones to thank (or blame).

Other Stuff

Painting: There's more space to cover on the walls than the ceiling, but, for the most part, it's easier painting the walls. Tuesday night, we picked up two gallons of Behr Restful paint with an eggshell base, and last night I put most of the first gallon on the walls. It looks good; I think we could have gone a little darker or greener, but Evelin really likes it. Tonight I'll do a second coat (there are a few places where the paint isn't completely even), and Friday I should be able to start untaping everything and fixing the spot or two where the roller bumped the ceiling.

Nursery: Once the paint is all dry, we can move the furniture currently piled up in the nursery back into the guest/media room (I can work around that when I do the trim and molding), which means we also get to start rearranging things for the nursery. The old twin bed in that room will need to be dismantled, and probably stashed under our bed, I'll bring up the new Ikea chair from downstairs, and then we need to get a crib. And I guess I have to sand and paint the garage sale dresser.


Anonymous said...

MM (Margaret)

enjanerd said...

I prefer bloggaversary. :) Congratulations! -J.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Blogday, Carter! Karen

T. Carter said...

Thanks, y'all. I'm actually a bit surprised to have been doing this for a full year: Who knew dumping your life onto the Internet could be so addictive?