Friday, June 25, 2004

Painting, Baby, Garden

I got a second coat of paint up on the walls last night and things look pretty good this morning. Hopefully I can manage to get the tape off the walls without doing too much damage or creating the need for too much in the way of touch-up painting.

The old paint on the baseboards and other bits of trim and molding seems to have really adhered to the painters tape. I'm not sure if that’s a good thing (makes the scraping/sanding easier) or a bad thing (can't put off painting the trim).

Either way, that room should be back to livable normal by the end of the weekend, barring unforeseen complications.

It also looks like Evelin has official reached the third trimester. She's 26 weeks today, but she was so tired yesterday evening. I got home and she was already napping on the couch, and she slept almost the entire time I was painting.

From what I understand the first and third trimesters are really exhausting, and Evelin was pretty rundown during the first trimester so I can only imagine how many naps she's going to want/need between now and the first of October.

And a quick aside about the garden. We have a few shoots coming up for the corn, but nowhere near as much as we planted. Probably, squirrels found the kernels in the bed or something. I think we'll have to try planting some more this weekend.

I forgot to mention that a few weeks ago, when ripped out the last of the peas and planted the corn, we also pulled up some of our garlic. The inchelium red was looking dead above ground, which signaled it was time to pull up the cloves and to set them up for drying. I noticed yesterday that the next few rows (music and Georgian crystal, I think) are starting to wilt over, too, so we may be pulling them up this weekend.

Beyond the garden, I think this weekend will be calmer than last. The grass/ogräs needs cutting and the garden (vegetables and the flowerbeds) needs some work. Plus I have panda watch on Sunday.

The only other thing is that I am going to try to see Fahrenheit 9/11 tonight. I like Michael Moore's advocacy style of documentary filmmaking, and I'd love to see it beat White Chicks at the box office, although that's unlikely considering that Fahrenheit 9/11 is only opening on 868 screens (compared to 2,726 for White Chicks). Still if it cracks the top five, that would be impressive.


Anonymous said...

Good luck getting into a screening of F9/11 tonight. My office window overlooks a small local art house where it's playing, and a (too lengthy) part of my afternoon was spent watching people line up, inch forward and eventually walk away dejectedly. Much more entertaining than editing cruddy freelance copy. We're hoping to see it next week once (if?) the hubbub dies down.

Michaela (a relatively new lurker)

T. Carter said...

Thanks for delurking Michaela. I ended up making it to a matinee, but at a theatre that doesn't do advance ticket sales, which probably helped!