Monday, July 12, 2004

Blogpause? I Doubt It.

First things first: Anita of "And Baby Makes Seven ..." had her baby yesterday: Welcome to the world, Conor.

We now return to our of late irregular blogging ...

I'm wondering if I should declare a brief pause in blogging. I was kind of surprised that I managed to make it to my first blogiversary without taking a hiatus, but right now I'm finding myself stretched a little thin and not doing a good job of blogging. Especially not first thing in the morning.

But it could just be that my schedule has been thrown so out of whack with work and various doctors appointments lately. I'll fall back into a new routine soon enough. Until then, please excuse any missed days of activity ...

This weekend was a mix of sedate and hectic. Friday night and Sunday were sedate. Evelin has definitely caught whatever cold bug preceded my sinus infection, and she's pretty miserable. At her request, I made matzo ball soup for her yesterday (from a box, I'm sad to have to admit) and it seems to have helped. She also took today off from work, so hopefully she'll be snap back soon. But the midwife did say that pregnancy weakens one's immune system, so she could be feeling bad for a while yet.

Saturday was the hectic day. C---, my neighbor from back in Louisiana, was in town for a sorority convention and she stole away to spend the day with us. It was her first time in D.C. since a school trip in high school, so we tried to take her around to all the sights, including the National Arboretum. Since C--- is a forestry person, we also asked her to take a quick look at the oaks that tower over our house, and she pronounced them as in pretty good shape, which is reassuring. There were one or two things we need to watch, however.

After a quick trip through the National Museum of American History, we took her to Jaleo for dinner. It remains the perfect place to take out-of-towners; the food is great and the tapas are exotic enough to be exciting for the Louisiana folk. Plus, the food is great.
There were a few new dishes on the tapas de temporada section of the menu to try including an organic tomato with picón salad and fava beans with garlic romesco sauce and, from the tapas frías menu, escalivada catalana: roasted eggplant, onions, peppers, and tomatoes with olive oil and sherry vinegar. We were too full for desert.

This morning, I went in for a follow up and the doctor admitted that I didn't have TB. I'm still not 100%, but he wants to give me another week before referring me to an ENT. In general, I feel a lot better, but my sinuses are still acting up and my ears are blocked.

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