Thursday, July 01, 2004

Hvar er eitt útvarp?*

I've been spending a bit of time over the past week looking through Danish and Faroese news sites to see if I could find out about anything interesting going on with radio in the Faroe Islands. All in all, I didn't find much, but it did give me an excuse to poke around the language a bit, including listening to streams from Rás 2 and Útvarp Føroya (the later have to be accessed through

Sadly, finding a Faroese dictionary seems to be next to impossible. My Lonely Planet Scandinavian Phrasebook has a surprisingly decent section on Faroese, but other than that, I'm at a loss.

I did find a few glossaries/word lists on line, however:The other odd thing I ran into: All the Faroese newspapers seem to be subscription based. You can see the frontpage of both Sosialurin and Dimmalætting, but to get to any of the jumps or archives requires a subscription.

* "Where can I find a radio?"

Other Stuff

Sick: I think I am either coming down with a cold or a relapse of the bronchitis from last October. Blaugh.

Baseball: I don't want to think about baseball much today. Two more errors and a loss that should not have happened last night. (Boston Sports Media Watch has links to all the ugliness.)

Right now, I'm thinking the best solution is make a radical bid to salvage the season. Terry Francona should go; I'm not seeing any sign that he is getting the best out of the players. Jason Varitek should be resigned ASAP as player-manager. If he gets a three-year deal and his knees started getting too old to play catcher in one or two, then he stays as manager. He has the best read of the team at this point, and, given that he called a player's only meeting before the game last night, he seems to see that the BoSox are in trouble.

It would be a fairly radical solution and might just work. If it doesn't then there is time to start figuring out how to restructure things for 2005. But I'm not willing to give up on October yet.

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