Friday, July 09, 2004

A Couple of Those Sorts of Days

It's production week and since I've been missing time due to doctor/midwife appointments, I've neglected the blog in favor of working with Quark. But I think I have things (mostly) back on track, at least until T--- sets sail and leaves me short-handed again.

Quick wrap up of yesterday:

The appointment with the midwife went well. It turned out to be the same midwife we saw last time, but we still have a lot more appointments to meet the other midwifes in the practice.

I don't have TB. There was just about zero reaction to the PPD test. I literally walked in, showed my arm to the receptionist, who asked my name and flagged down a nurse while she got my chart. After the nurse took a quick look, I was then told I could go. Monday, I have a follow up which will hopefully result in the referral to an ENT.

The one other thing I forgot: On Sunday or Monday Evelin pulled up the rest of our garlic. It's now drying in the basement and letting off an odor that I find yummy but that makes Evelin nauseous.

And I'll probably be quiet over the weekend. I think one of the lightning storms earlier in the week may have fried our modem. I have a few other things to check, but it seems to not be working.

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