Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Footnote's Longer Than the Entry!

With Evelin in New England, I'm reverting to some bad, stereotypical bachelor eating habits, including some that I didn't have as a bachelor. Last night, dinner was sausage and cheese (a nice bit of Stilton and a Tofurkey kiełbasa*) washed down with a good bit of the growler of the local weißbier I picked up at Franklin's. Tonight, it was more Stilton, a nice cucumber salad, and more weißbier.

All in all, I could have eaten a lot better and I could have eaten a lot worst ... after all, I didn't order a bunch of pizzas.

*Generally, Tofurkey scares me. Their signature product is just plain odd, and the newer flavored versions (teriyaki, etc.) aren't any better. (Full disclosure: I have never tried a Tofurkey Roast, but they do scare me.) A few weeks ago, I stopped at the TPSS food co-op on the way home from the farmers market and saw the Tofurkey kiełbasa and decided to risk it. YUM!

This should be a blog entry in its own right, but I used to be weirded out by fake meats, but I've flipped 180° on this. The Boca bratwursts are quite good, and the Tofurkey kiełbasa is great. Now if someone would only come up with a vegetarian andouille ...

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