Tuesday, July 06, 2004

It's Not TB ...

Quick wrap up of the weekend: It ended up clearing enough for most of the fireworks to go off, but Evelin and I played it quiet and stayed home to watch Two Weeks Notice, which we'd rented Friday night along with Hope Springs and Sixteen Candles.

Sunday, in between other things, I put down two coats of primer on the yardsale dresser and Monday I put on two coats of paint. It looks pretty good, so we just need to find new pulls for the drawers and give things time to dry/cure and we can bring it up to the nursery and start putting away baby clothes.

Okay, and now the TB thing... This morning, I went to the doctor because on Friday, I'd decided I was suffering from a sinus infection, not a cold as originally thought. I showed up and he starts going on about tuberculosis. Actually, he didn't mention TB, but as soon as I said I'd noticed some blood amidst the other gunk I was sneezing up, I could tell from the questions about overseas travel where he was leading. Long story short: I have to go back on Thursday to have the PPD skin test read. He also gave me a prescription for Zithormax, which is the only thing that actually addresses the sinus problem.

Oh, and to top things off, my assistant editor who started back in May and who has been doing a great job just gave notice. She just got the chance to join the tallship HMS Bounty, and I can't blame her for wanting to have a bit of adventure instead of an office job at this point in her life.

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