Monday, April 12, 2004

And Now We Wait ...

The amniocentesis went smoothly. Evelin's upstairs resting for the rest of the day, and she'll take it easy at work tomorrow. And we now get to wait a week or so for the results.

Before test -- and the needle was a tiny gauge and fairly long, but no where near as long as Evelin and I both imagined/feared -- the doctor did a fairly comprehensive ultrasound giving us little peaks at the face, hands, feet, etc. No problems jumped out at the doctor, so that's a good sign. Lots of measurements of ears, feet, various bones, etc. were made. The heartbeat was 161 bmp, and the estimated weight is about 5 ounces, which is on the bigger side of things for this gestational age.

So at this point we get to wait and see. Wait and see. Wait and see. Oh, and eat chocolate, because Finnish researchers, according to the BBC, have found that "eating chocolate during pregnancy may make for happier, livelier babies."

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