Friday, July 18, 2003


On the good side, the grass is cut. We figure it's been about three weeks since it was last cut because of busy schedules, rain and general avoidance techniques. It really needed cutting, and it looks a lot better; now if we just weed the back beds ...

While cutting near the patio and pond, I noticed a smallish frog. Evelin's been worried because she hasn't seen our bullfrog in a month or two. I figured she's just gone on walkabout or something (there are several other ponds in the neighborhood), but Evelin thinks a raccoon or cat might have caught her. Anyway, we now have a smaller frog that's taken up residence. It looks like it could be a juvenile bullfrog or an adult leopard frog. It was a bit skittish and I couldn't get a really good look at it, but now that we know the frog is there, we'll try to keep an eye out for it.

Wednesday night, Evelin broke the power connection to her laptop again. It's been resoldered twice now and I spent an hour or two last night disassembling the thing and trying to resolder it again, but I wasn't too successful. I haven't done any soldering work since I was a teen (the first time a friend at work did the diagnosis and repair work; the second time I ran it up to a VCR repair place for a quick solder job; this time I went out and bought a soldering iron during lunch, figuring that I could take care of it easily enough) and I'm definitely out of practice. Actually, I'm a little worried I may have overheated some other components in the computer while trying to get the connection soldered. Very frustrating.

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