Tuesday, July 22, 2003

More Than Twins?

"A 10% to 20% chance of having more than twins." When I asked the doctor to repeat the numbers, just to make sure I'd heard him correctly, he emphasized the odds by widening his eyes.

Evelin's follicles looked good this morning and we're going to do the trigger shot tonight, probably with 5,000 units, instead of the normal 10,000. The goal is to prod the two that are above 18 mm to spit out an egg without encouraging the others (which range from under 10 mm to nearly 16 mm) to produce. The doctor is a bit hesitant about going forward (the reminded us that Evelin's response to the drugs is one reason why he was in favor of us trying IVF instead of another IUI), but we scheduled the IUI for Thursday.

10% to 20% chance of triplets or greater ... there's also a chance that this will not work at all, another percentage chance of a singleton, and the rest would be the chance for twins. We didn't ask for the other numbers. It's probably best not to obsess about the chances, let's just hope for twins and a healthy pregnancy ...

In less scary news, by the time we got to the clinic this morning, the Hyundai was at 1,197 miles. On the way home, we were able to drive at 70 mph. It's nice not having every other car on the Beltway passing you ...

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