Thursday, July 17, 2003

Good Responder

We went in this morning to check to see how Evelin's responding to the drugs and it seems to be going well -- four follicles look like they're developing well. The office will call later today to let us know if we have to come back in two or three days. As we were leaving one of the nurses (actually the one who started out with us a year -- or was it a year and a half -- ago) stopped us to pass along an envelope we were supposed to have gotten last week. It included the consent forms for this round of treatment and orders for more bloodwork from both of us. Basically, once a year, they like to get the baseline bloodwork to make sure we don't have any untreated diseases, hepatitis, STDs, etc. I don't think they're redoing the karyotyping. I guess our DNA isn't likely to change...

A little swift thinking on our part and we found out there was a Lab Corp. place near the clinic, which meant we could take care of it quickly and we didn't have to go the generally less nice Lab Corp. office nearer to our house. Two vials each, so no big deal, but I did remember that I'm overdue for giving blood; I need to call the blood bank before I forget. I also was about 90 minutes late to work; oh well, I'm still planning to slip out early (probably as soon as I post this) ... it's a nice day and the grass is probably growing up over the porch by now.

On a musical note, I've been annoying co-workers today with Massilia Sound System's Aïollywood and Commando Fada albums. Occitan rap/toasting with some folk/reggae notes. I don't understand a word, but the beat is infectious.

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