Wednesday, July 16, 2003

No More Herbs

No more herbs! No, the basil and rosemary didn't die; Evelin's decided she's off the herbal part of TCM. Two nights ago, she stopped taking the herbs her acupuncturist prescribed her a long time ago and she's decided against going with the ones the TCM nutritionist recommended last week. It also means ... no more moxibustion!

Instead the acupuncturist is shifting the treatment a bit away from constitutional issues and more towards making a pregnancy stick. We're happy with this because it seems to be lining up with where we are with the Western medicine (going back to using the Gonal-f, etc.) and getting ready for an IUI sometime later in the month.

We go in tomorrow morning for a check up to see how Evelin's responding to the drugs and to try and get an idea of how this cycle will progress. The past two times we did medicated cycles, Evelin was a super-responder and the doc's biggest concern was multiples and whether or not we should skip the cycle. I think that was one reason he wanted to jump to IVF in January: more control. The other question -- and hopefully we can talk to the doctor some on Thursday -- is at what point can we start Lovenox/Heparin: post-ovulation or if we have to wait for a positive bloodtest. The rationale is that Evelin may have a factor (the test was positive on one factor and the doctor wasn't initially worried, but after an ectopic and another miscarriage it seems worthwhile to address) that makes it difficult for blood to pass through to an embryo. Lovenox and/or Heparin (warning, oversimplification ahead) would help thin the blood some to address this.

I'm keeping fingers crossed...

On the work front, it took me about four hours to go through all the questions to the marketing person's follow up e-mail. I guess it was good to review the minutia of AM broadcast technology, but I probably should have been editing something ... maybe I can get the editorial department to bill sales for my time...

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