Monday, July 14, 2003

Lazy Weekend

All around, it was a pretty lazy weekend. We took a long drive on Saturday to help beak in the engine on the Hyundai. The manual suggests driving the first 1,200 miles below 55 mph and at varying speeds to help get the seals to all set and to ensure proper function over time. I've always heard that one should do this with a new car, and I think I tried to do it with the Honda, but I don't remember if I managed to keep my speed disciplined for the full break-in period. Since I do go on to the interstate for part of my commute to/from work, I have breached the 55 mph line a few times, but when that happens I try to slow down quickly (which makes for interesting merges and general D.C.-area driving).

Anyway, to help keep the speed in check, we drove up a bunch of Maryland's back roads, enjoying the rolling countryside, dreaming about how cool it'd be to have a farm/B&B/winery or something and (mostly me) moping about not being able to stop at the wineries we passed. Yep, we're both off alcohol for the current TTC regimen.

Even though we aren't doing IVF (at least not this round), we're following the basic rules we got when we picked up all the IVF drugs back in January, which mean nothing to drink for either of us. But Evelin's promised that I can have a significant bender as soon as she's pregnant.

Before the Saturday drive, we went to the clinic for a day-three baseline blood work and ultrasound, just to make sure everything's okay to proceed, and it is. They called that afternoon and said to start the gonal-f shots, so that night Evelin got her first shot since last autumn. It's sad in a lot of ways that I've gotten pretty good at setting up a syringe and the meds. I mean, it's rich fodder for humor (mostly drug-related), but without medial training or a drug habit, there's no good reason for me to know as much as I now do about preparing needles and giving shots.

I guess the upside is that Evelin is a good responder to medicine (both Western and Eastern, it seems), so we aren't having to use as much of the drugs as some people do.

I think we go back on Thursday to see how things are progressing and get an idea of how the rest of this cycle is going to progress.

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