Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Catching Up

No entry yesterday: I just didn't feel like I had anything to write about. I ended up working from home because of the 12:30 p.m. trip up to the fertility clinic to provide a sample for the SCSA test (results expected around New Year's). It didn't make sense for me to schlep all the way down to work, up to the clinic, and then back to work, so I said to hell with it. Other than that, Sunday the snow and ice and sleet and rain kept one of Evelin's cousins from making it to decorate gingerbread houses, but her friend and two other cousins (one of whom was standing in for his sister who we originally thought was coming) made it. Here are two shots of Evelin's house. I'm not sure what's being pointed at in the one shot, but watch out for the garden gnomes near the Christmas trees. This was the first year Evelin's used sugar cones (frosted green or white) as trees for the yard. They worked out pretty well.
Evelin's 2003 Gingerbread House (front) From this perspective, you can't see the bubblegum chimneyGarden gnomes guard the ice-cream cone trees.
I offered occasional advice and encouragement and helped keep the one cousin occupied when he got bored with the decorating. (Which wasn't too hard, considering the amount of candy he scarffed up while working with his sister on their house: "Oops, that didn't work, I guess I have to eat that [insert candy name here].") I also registered my beard with the National Beard Registry. It's registered beard number 1021 and I'm not sure if its new registered status means I cannot shave it off if I ever grow tired of it or something. Oh, and on the baseball side of things, Miguel Tejada is headed to the Orioles. It looks like the birds are aiming to seriously challenge the beloved BoSox and the hated Yankees next year. That's fine by me; we'll just see how the rest of the off-season trading and haggling goes ... and then next year: Cowboy Up!