Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Commercials You Never Saw

AdAge has published its look back at 2003's advertising, including a rundown of the 10 best advertisements that won't be shown in the U.S. There are some that are really well done and others that are bizarre, but most all of them make you wonder what Madison Avenue things of the average consumer in the U.S. if some of these sorts of campaigns wouldn't work in the States, particularly the Honda "Cog" commercial, which is simply amazing.

Other top 10 lists include the 10 most-watched videos on AdAge.com, top 10 non-traditional campaigns and 10 most-successful product launches. The most-watched videos include the two Chevy Chase commercials for Ülker's ColaTurka soda, which are really surreal. (Thanks to adrants for the link.)

British magazine Ad Breakdown also has relased its review of 2003 advertising (as reported by the BBC). The BBC doesn't include videos, unfortunately.

Thinking of television commercials, my favorite one of the moment is Pepsi's "Just Lunch" advert with the dog who steals the sandwich and Pepsi and then frames the cat. The first time I saw it, I died laughing and then I reënacted it for Evelin about seven times.

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