Friday, December 12, 2003

A Little More from Yesterday

Evelin reminded me of a few funny details that I overlooked in my report on the doctor consults. First, our RE got really excited when he saw that Evelin was reading Tess of the d'Urbervilles. Apparently, he studied the book pretty intensively in 12th grade (or in the equivalent of 12th grade in South Africa) and he immediately wanted to flip thorough the book to see if he could remember how it started. He then asked us if we were Monty Python fans and if we knew the "Thomas Hardy Novel Writing in Wessex" sketch (thanks to Clarablog for having the text of the sketch up where Google could find it). He had nothing to say about the book I was reading -- Citizen Emperor: Pedro II and the Making of Brazil, 1825-1891.

Later, as we got into the possible problems and solutions, the doctor made a slight digression, saying that if we didn't want to pursue further fertility treatment/intervention/diagnosis, he couldn't say we'd never be able to get pregnant successfully on our own, but the most likely outcome would be more miscarriages and resultant physical and mental stress. He then counseled use of long-term birth control. It makes sense, but it seemed a bit odd. However, it's also a nice sign that he cares and doesn't want to see us getting hurt over and over again.

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