Thursday, December 18, 2003

Feeling a Little Antisocial ...

Yesterday was the office holiday party and (like the past few such office happy hours), I skipped out of the office without stopping by. I actually got a decent amount of work done after most everyone else left, but I still cut out early to run some errands. I just didn't feel like hanging out, partially because I'm still not drinking and it get old telling people over and over again, "Sorry, I'm off alcohol right now; doctor's orders." The doctor's orders are a bit of a stretch at this point, but it's easier than explaining the whole infertility/IVF thing (a few people at work know, but I'm not really publicizing everything Evelin and I are going through -- well except on my blog, but I don't think anyone from work's run across it).

Last night, Evelin and I broke out the Christmas bears. We haven't been 100% in the Christmas spirit thus far, so no decorations are really up in the house, but I decided to pull out the bears so they're scattered across various pieces of furniture in the living room. Evelin's been accumulating the bears (most, but not all, are Boyd's) for a few years now, and I've been guilty of adding one or three to the collection each year.

One other thing, Evelin's gingerbread house is being used to raise money for charity. Her office has been participating in a food drive for food bank in D.C., so she decided to set up a raffle for the gingerbread house she made last weekend. As of last night, she’d raised $85 for the food bank, and they were going to continue to sell tickets today and draw a winner in the afternoon.

ADDENDUM: Evelin ended up raising around $130 for the food bank with the raffle. Since she didn't have any tickets in the pot, she did the drawing and pulled out ... the dean's name. The immediate call was to redraw (afterall, it just looked really suspicious for her to pull her boss's name), but instead he dean decided to give the house to someone else in the office who had just had his god-daughter and her two little girls move in with him.

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