Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Native American Languages

After blogging about Elizabeth Seay's Searching for Lost City, I was poking around online for more info about Unicode support for Native American languages when I ran across Chris Harvey has a nice site devoted to the indigenous languages of North America, complete with syllabaria/orthographies, keyboards, sample texts, and other information for 75 or so languages. (The languages of Canada's First Nations seem to be where he started, so some languages have more information than others and pages for a few languages have yet to be built, but the site looks set up to cover all 75.)

He also offers the Aboriginal Serif Unicode font. He has some interesting notes about Unicode issues, however; some of the characters had to be mapped to private use areas as Unicode has not set aside spaces for some of them.

Finally, Harvey includes an interesting article about the history and use of Canadian Syllabics. A PDF version is available for those who don't want to download Aboriginal Serif Unicode.

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