Friday, December 05, 2003

Positive Thinking

As of the past few days, Evelin hasn't been feeling too positive. She says she doesn't feel pregnant, and she's not noticing symptoms she's had during her previous pregnancies. I'm holding on to positive thoughts for a couple of reasons, however.

First off, we've not had a medicated cycle fail thus far. There's a first time for everything (to drag out a cliché), but the odds are in our favor.

Second, the last IUI cycle Evelin didn't think she got pregnancy symptoms, but we did get our highest beta hCG levels ever.

Third, by definition an IVF cycle isn't "normal." With all the drugs used before and during the process/pregnancy, the "normal" symptoms are sure to get all bollixed up.

Fourth, we have both been really testy and overly sensitive lately, pushing each other's buttons and being a bit snippy. I don't recall for the first pregnancy, but for the last four, we turned into the Bickersons about a week before we got a positive.

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