Friday, December 12, 2003

Running Against Bush

I'm not a runner*, but I just got this from the local Howard Dean mailing list:
Looking for a fun and easy way to express your displeasure with the current administration? Do you like to exercise? We have the perfect way for you to do both at the same time. Come join the "Run Against Bush" team. Our vision is to motivate thousands of Americans to participate in road races in a National "Run Against Bush" campaign.
The first race targeted for participation is the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Race. The URL for Run Against Bush is

* I actually was starting to run a few years ago, building up my distance and doing okay with it (although I never really got to a place where I enjoyed it; I had more fun doing sprints rather than distance), but then I blew out my ACL skiing. The ACL is all repaired now, but I just never have felt like going back to running.

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