Friday, July 16, 2004

I am Observatör!

The Ikea "Family Personality Test" quiz I mentioned yesterday is working today, and apparently I am an Observatör TV stand.
You are a typical OBSERVATÖR TV stand!

OBSERVATÖR TV stands are usually described by their friends as being good listeners, quick-witted and with a keen eye for observation. Enemies, on the hand, see them as watchful, suspicious, trouble-making control-freaks. Such criticisms do not worry TV stands too much, since you know exactly who your friends and enemies are. More importantly, you know who you are. Other important qualities of the OBSERVATÖR TV stand include self-knowledge and the ability to see things in perspective, as well as individualism and a sense of humour. In troubled times, TV stands may be prone to attacks of melancholy, followed by feelings of cynicism. At such times, the OBSERVATÖR TV stand should take care not to be superior in his/her dealings with friends. There is nothing more risky than taking your friends for granted.
TV stands may not admit it, but the fact is that they enjoy a good gossip, hence the well-known phrase: "TV stands know about it before it even happens". If you want to be in the know, talk to an OBSERVATÖR TV stand.
August Strindberg is one of history's most famous TV stands.
OBSERVATÖR TV stands include several professional categories. One group is composed of artists, painters and other creative people. Driven by an urgent restlessness, their desire to push back boundaries often leads them to success. Another group includes good listeners who tend to gravitate towards occupations such as social workers, psychologists, priests and maritime pilots.

In the social arena, TV stands can be refreshingly impulsive, and at times even scintillating, although they can also be suspicious and aloof. On the surface, their relationships may therefore seem rather chaotic. But deep down, TV stands know what is best for them. They also know that ignoring your own instincts would be an unthinkable form of self-deception for any independent-minded OBSERVATÖR TV stand.
TV stands love to share a drink with a PÖSIG cushion. He/she also intuitively enjoys the company of the GRUNDTAL dish drainer. Wherever you find a SKYAR floor lamp lighting up the surroundings, you are also bound to find a TV stand in a corner somewhere enjoying the floor lamp's company. Being more superficial, the floor lamp is able to satisfy the TV stand's desire for gossip and scandal. When it comes to affairs of the heart, OBSERVATÖR TV stands should consider courting the NORDEN dining table or the RISKA hall mirror for a genuine romance that will sweep them off their feet.
Oddly, there seems to be some truth in some of this ...

Before I realized Ikea now offers an English-language version of the test, I took the Swedish language version, "Vilken möbel är du?" Not surprisingly, I flubbed my understanding of a question or two and it said I was a Riska, a hall mirror available for $29.99, €35, or 299,00 Swedish krona.


Anonymous said...

Here is yet another Ikea test:

And a 51 page pdf naming guide:

T. Carter said...

Yeah, I saw that test. With the key from Transblawg and a few dictionaries and atlases, it should be pretty easy to nail.

That Igor document is pretty cool, too. I may have to run through the principles it outlines to see how the baby names under consideration hold up ...