Thursday, January 26, 2006

End of the Day

Okay, after dinner (three-bean chili — my best friend from college'’s mother'’s recipe as modified over the years by me ... it's now a four-bean chili, for example) and an hour or two of work e-mail and editing, it's officially the end of the day. To those SAHMs and SAHDs out there, I doff my beloved BoSox cap to you.

I've been doing the part-time SAHD thing for over a year now, but that whole day-alone-with-the-kid thing is a different animal entirely. I'm sure we'd find a groove if I did it every day, but right now I'm just enjoying the end of my glass of Premius 2004 sauvignon blanc, a very nice white Bordeaux ("Cette bouteille porte le № 00312," according to the label) that I'm thinking I need to pick up a few more bottles of tomorrow when I visit Trader Joe's ...

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