Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Name Game

With Celeste, the name came relatively easily, but this time we've been having more trouble. There are some names we both like, some I like, some Evelin likes, but we think we've narrowed it down to something we both like, but it raises a new question.

The pattern for the name would be a three-syllable first name, a one-syllable second name, and a one-syllable surname. The problem Evelin has is that she feels if the middle name is used as the primary name (as Evelin, Celeste, and I all do), then the baby has a one-syllable name with a one-syllable surname. If we flip the first name with the middle name, that wouldn't be a problem, but then the full name wouldn't flow as well.

So, what do y'all think? We have a few options here:

Use the first name instead of the middle name*
Use the middle name with my surname and not worry about it
Use the middle name, but Evelin's two-syllable surname
Use the first name as the middle name and find a different first name
Start over with the naming thing

Current results

*This option has the disadvantage of making the new baby the odd one out in the family. Growing up using my middle name made me the odd one out (everyone else in my immediate family went by their prénom), but I was deviating from the societal norm. In this case, the child would have the only "normal" naming pattern, thus standing out from the rest of family when the rest of the family has a "different" name ... I'm probably over thinking it, but that would seem to be more difficult than being the only one to go by a middle name.

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