Sunday, January 15, 2006

Haircuts Don't Phase Her

Yet again, Celeste demonstrated her resilience this weekend. As long as Celeste has known her mother, Evelin has had long hair; this weekend, she chopped it off (both to get a lighter, easier to work with head of hair and to donate about a foot of hair to Locks of Love.

Long HairShort Hair

The hair ...

I don't think either of us were sure how Celeste would react to the new doo, but she didn't have any troubles recognizing Evelin as soon as she got back. There was a momentary pause and a little bit of a snicker — more of a "Hey! What happened?" snicker than a "Ha-Ha!" snicker — and then she ran up to Evelin to see what's what. My haircut, done earlier in the day, was the typical trim, so no reaction on Celeste's part, although Evelin said the barber used way too much aftershave (and she's right; he did).

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Anonymous said...

Love the new dooooo Evelin! It is much clearer where Celeste get her lovely eyes from. (no offense Carter!) Celeste looks like you Evelin, but maybe she has Carter's smile?

Well I think she just has the best of both of you, she is adorably cute with quite a personality and sense of humor. I am taken with her and I haven't even met her.

It's lovely knowing her through the eyes of her parent(s). Lovely thing you did Evelin btw, wish I knew of Locks of Love before I chopped mine of couple years back. I had about a foot and a half lopped off then.