Wednesday, January 11, 2006

She Bites Noses

For a while now, Celeste has had a thing for biting — particularly noses. And while I know it's a bad habit, I do let her sometimes do it, because it's cute and because usually she doesn't really bite hard.* Yesterday, however, she chomped down on my nose and twisted. I'm not scarred like Tycho Brahe or anything, but it did smart.

Nose Biter

A few weeks ago — and yes, I do remember that I resolved to not wait weeks to blog, but this isn't a backdated entry and it's relevant to yesterday's biting — Evelin, Celeste and I went down to Natural History where, among other things, we saw the Nature's Best Photography Awards exhibit. The 2005 winning photo was of a polar bear mother and cub and it didn't take much encouragement for Celeste to attempt to recreate the image with her mother. (Sorry it's so blurry: camphone shot.)

*It's like a little puppy nip, which is also cute but can lead to bad behavior when the dog gets older. I'm doubting that Celeste will be an aggressive biter when she's in her teens or anything, but I really shouldn't encourage her ...

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