Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Who's a Ninja?

During dinner last night, Celeste ratted out her mother's secret life. She was having some pasta with tomato sauce when a bit fell from the fork and I swooshed the bowl under the falling noodle in time to catch it. Celeste said what she usually says when something drops or falls or is thrown from the highchair* — "Uh-oh!" — and then she started looking over the side for the fallen pasta.

I pointed out that I'd caught the noodle in the bowl, saying "Daddy has mad ninja skillz." Celeste fixed me with a very earnest look, and said, "No. No. Mumma." I asked, "Mumma's a ninja?" And Celeste grinned, nodded, and said, "Uh huh!"

Behind her smile lies a secret ...

*It's also worth noting that we can now add "highchair" to her list of spoken-not-signed words. If Evelin or I ask her go to her highchair if she's hungry, she'll say "highchair" as she toddles over to it.

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