Friday, January 27, 2006

Overheard ...

So DCist has started an "Overheard in D.C." feature modeled after Overheard in New York. This week's version includes something that sounds like it could have been one of my conversations with Celeste:
Orange Line, morning rush hour:
Pacifier-sucking toddler in stroller: "Mrphul bzz. Glurh!"
His mother: "What was that? Are you asking where Bob is? The Bob who works at REI? Well, I guess he's at REI, sweetie."
There are plenty of times when I just have to take a guess at what she's saying/signing and if I get it wrong ... boy will she let me know.

Tonight, during her bath, she was to the point of bruising herself signing PLEASE and saying "Buh! Bah!" At first I thought she was asking for Blankie (although she usually signs BLANKIE. Then I thought maybe it's BEAR, not PLEASE. As I'm asking her for a clarification, she starts signing MORE, so I think she means she wants to stay in the bath longer ... no it turns out she was saying "bubbles" and she really, really wanted me to blow bubbles in her bath.


One other story from yesterday: In the afternoon, Celeste and I went to the grocery store. Because I needed to restock our cheese drawer and because Evelin wanted me to find some graham flour so she could make graham crackers, we headed to Whole Foods (which I still want to call Fresh Fields, even though the one we go to in Silver Spring was built after Whole Foods imposed its name over the old Fresh Fields name ... but I digress).

When we got there, Celeste was not amused. Whole Foods does not have a lobster case and as far as she is concerned the lobster case is the best thing about the supermarket. Her protestations were mollified a bit when she got to have some little sample bites of seedless rye bread, goat gouda, and black-wax cheddar, but it was only when I offered to stop at Giant on the way home that she really cheered up.


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