Saturday, February 11, 2006

Celeste Älskar Sverige

Okay, this too violates my New Year's resolution about not post-dating blog entries, but since I already broke that resolution once tonight ...

Celeste had a rough night, eventually ending up in our bed around 4:30 a.m., which was about the time I headed in to the office. I needed to catch up on some things I'd missed since I was doing the stay-at-home dad thing Thursday and Friday, plus, with the weather slated to turn bad around noon, I thought if I got in early, I could be home sooner. I ended up finishing up around 9:00 a.m. — not too bad — and was home around 10:00 a.m.

Since the rain was expected to stay until switching over to rain, we knew Celeste wasn't going to get to the park today, which meant we needed to take her somewhere that afternoon to get her out of the house. Since we needed a new cushion for our old Poäng chair, we decided to head to Ikea.

As this post's title notes, Celeste loves Ikea. There are all these chairs and tables to walk around and touch, and there are little bits of Småland scattered throughout the place — the little houses, the blueberry ball pit, and the Swedish kids' books that they don't let you buy. She spent a lot of time checking out the various kids' bedroom dioramas and the toy area, until she saw a highchair and started saying "Highchair! Highchair!" At first we thought she just wanted to take one for a testdrive, but it turned out she was hungry, so we had to have a little snack in the Ikea cafeteria.

Actually, I should probably submit this to Parent Hacks because while I'm sure other parents use the mall or similar places as an indoor playground for a rainy day, Ikea is at least 10-times better than the average mall because there's lots for little ones to see and do, but way fewer breakable things in easy reach. Sure, you may have trouble explaining to the little one why they won't let you buy that Storasyster & Lillebror book, but that's more than offset by how exciting all that furniture (especially the kids' furniture) is to a toddler.

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