Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Naming Rights

For quite a while now, Celeste has been good with saying "Mumma" and "Dadda" (and before that with signing DADDY). But when I got home last night, she kept poking me and saying "Dadda" and then she'd poke herself and say "Lest." For a week or two, I'd been thinking that she was saying "Celeste" both in reference to herself and in reference to the heroine of Celeste: A Day in the Park; however, last night it was obvious to me that she can now say her own name.

I mentioned it to Evelin and my mother-in-law, M---, after Celeste had gone to bed, but they weren't quite catching it. Today, however, Evelin was hearing it and twice during her bath tonight, pointing at her reflection in the mirror, she said "Celeste" fairly clearly.

The other naming story is that Evelin's been asking Celeste whose clothes are whose while she's folding laundry. Most of the time, Celeste can pick out my shirts from Evelin's shirts from her Onesies. This afternoon, Evelin asked Celeste to identify my new Obey Butterstick baseball T that arrived while I was in Dallas. Celeste looked at it, thought hard, and said in a slightly unsure tone: "Dadda?"

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