Thursday, February 02, 2006

Shadow Dancin'

Shadow Dancin' Evelin said that Celeste was paying a lot of attention to her shadow earlier in the week, but today was the first I got to see it. She's noticed her shadow before and we've talked about shadows, but today, as we were walking in the park and headed toward the swings, she kept pausing and pointing at her shadow and then pointing at my shadow and signing DADDY.

It was warm again today — we must be storing up winter for a bad March or something this year — so Celeste and I spent nearly two hours at the park: the swings, the teeter-totter, the slide, the ramps, ... There were a bunch of other (mostly older) kids there today, none who we knew, but she enjoyed watching them run every which way and occasionally scolding them if they did something she didn't approve of.

Oops ...

A little before I left work this morning, Evelin called: She ran into our neighbor who informed her that the dilapidated fence I started breaking apart in earnest last week is theirs not ours. J---, the neighbor, said she was concerned at first, but is okay with us breaking it up considering how bad of shape it is in. She also wanted to make sure we knew it was their fence. Evelin apologized (and offered to replace the fence) and I stopped by to apologize this afternoon ... thankfully we've never known them to be litigious.

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