Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Few Follow-Ups Before She Awakes ...

Kotten: (a follow up to my svenska frågor) Still no word on the sad little teddy from Lena Anderson's books, but Johan did look up Lilla Kotten sjunger and it seems beyond unlikely to ever end up translated to English: It's an illustrated book of Swedish children's songs. I guess I should have figured it be something like that when I ran across a CD version of the title.

The Hawk: (an overlooked event from Sunday's day out) When we got home from the zoo, I happened to look up at the house just in time to see a large hawk of somesort land in one of the branches hanging over the roof. I jumped out of the T.R.U.C.K. to get a better look and it flapped off toward the backyard, so (leaving Evelin and Celeste, I'm embarrassed to admit) I ran around to the back to see if I could spy where it was headed — or to see if it had picked up one of the seemingly feral cats that spend time in our backyard. However, I didn't manage to see where it ended up going. I kind of want it to have been that red-tailed hawk we rescued back in June 2004, but there’s no way to know.

Weird ... I just did the math and we saw that hawk on 20 June roughly 10 weeks before Celeste was born. The due date for the Celeste's sibling is about 11 (Evelin corrected me) 10 weeks from when the hawk was sitting over our house. I need to google around to see what sorts of omens/legends/etc. are associated with hawks, but that's kind of a freaky coincidence.

Whisky: (not a follow up; just plain cool) I've been thinking that when it's time to upgrade my desktop computer in the basement, I'd like to give a go at building my own from scratch. This, however, gets me thinking that I might have to go beyond simply building a computer to create something really cooler ... (via Daddy Types and Liquor Snob)

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