Friday, February 03, 2006

Kids and Coats

I meant to mention this in yesterday's entry about Celeste in the park, but I forgot ... "Why Kids Hate to Wear Coats" (from Morning Edition). The best bit is the six-year-old who explains that kids don't like to wear coats because they don't realize that they're cold. Yesterday, Celeste started off with a coat, but it was feeling pretty warm to me, so I took her coat off while she was running around, but when the winds started picking up she signed COLD a few times ... but still protested when I tried to put her coat back on.

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Karen said...

I heard that segment on NPR too. Neither of my kids like to wear coats. Even when we lived in Minneapolis they would stand at the bus stop in 1 degree weather with their coats hanging off their backpack straps. My older son was actually ANNOYED with me when I broached the topic of buying him a bigger jacket this year. I'm letting him wear his lined windbreaker and I'm not worrying about it.