Thursday, February 16, 2006

Moving Pictures

After seeing some quick digital camera shorts of my nieces dancing at a wedding reception last weekend, I borrowed a digital camera with video capabilities and tried to get Celeste to show off her dancing skillz.

(These videos are hosted on YouTube, sort of like Flickr for movies. They should be embedded in the page as Flash files (you may need Flash v. 8), so all one need do is click to play. It may not play the first time; just wait a moment for it to finish loading and then press the "replay this video" button.)

At first, she was reluctant, so I tried getting her to demonstrate how she splashes in puddles ...

Later, she was focused on reading, but, after a bit of coaxing, decided to show off some of her dance moves.

Finally, this one is cute, but you have to turn your head (or monitor) sideways to see it properly. I shot it thinking I could rotate it in the software ... no such luck.

[UPDATE: My mother e-mailed this morning: "... the 'No' response is definitely you at that age!!"]

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