Friday, April 16, 2004

Not Much to Say ...

I'm a bit busy with work at the moment and still stewing in the wait for the amnio results, trying not to thing too much about things.

Actually, Evelin has been a little worried about the possible size of the little guy or girl: The doctor gave us an estimated weight of about 5 ounces on Monday, and, if we're reading the stats on the ultrasound pictures correctly, the crown-to-rump length was between 10.4 and 15.7 centimeters. According to all the baby books we have (and we have quite a few) and some online sources Evelin consulted, for 15 weeks, which is where we were on Monday, the averages should be 1.5 ounces and 10 centimeters; 5 ounces would be a fine weight for 17 weeks, which we won't reach until a week from today or so.

I know pregnancy math and calculating due dates and gestational ages are an inexact science at best, but we have no real reason to think that our dating is off. So, who knows what it means ...

Otherwise, I'm almost finished with Naomi Wolf's Misconceptions: Truth, Lies and the Unexpected on the Journey to Motherhood, which is a nicely frightening book. J---, who we visited a few weeks ago, loaned the book to Evelin and she wanted me to read it after she did. It's definitely making us think and worry about the whole birthing process (assuming we make it that far -- given our history, I still feel the need to put that caveat in), not to mention the work/family balancing act that will come into our lives along with a baby.

But, we have a few more hurdles to clear before worrying too much about birthing centers, hospitals, doulas, midwives, etc.

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