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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Oneida Revitalization 

Scanning around, I found this article from Sunday's Green Bay News-Chronicle about rather ambitious Oneida (Onʌyota’a:ka) language-revitalization efforts.
While short-term plans for language immersion are coming together, long-range objectives to get the nation's 15,000 members scattered across the globe to speak fluent Oneida are on the horizon, according to Brian A. Doxtator, charter team member and member of the Oneida Business Committee. Members of the Oneida tribe living on or near the reservation number 5,000.
The Oneida Language Revitalization Program uses a faceless corn husk doll carrying a basket as the primary image on its home page. The basket represents the passing of knowledge from one generation to another.

The program website includes several pages of language lessons, mostly short phrases and snippets of audio, such as náhte í·hsélhe ashnekíhla (What do you want to drink?) and í·hsélhe kʌ ashnekíhla otlatákli (Do you want some tea?)

[ASIDE: I rendered the Oneida words with Aboriginal Serif; not all characters may appear in other Unicode type faces. The Oneida Language Revitalization Program uses jpeg images to ensure that the proper letters/diacritical marks appear on its website.]

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