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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I Like Daylight Savings Time 

Last night, I left the office at a decent hour, and there was a ton of daylight left by the time I got home. That meant I had a chance to look through the garden and to see how much the weeds, moss, and ogräs have grown.

I pulled the weeds from between the raised beds and in the raspberry patch, and I cleaned up the hill and around the butterfly bushes. I also trimmed back dead bits from the raspberry canes and the butterfly bushes.

Evelin and I never found out what we were supposed to do with the raspberry canes, and we're still not sure if they should have been cut back to the ground last year or what. There is a lot of new growth, both on some of the one-year-old canes and new shoots coming out of the ground. (They're not necessarily spreading the direction I would prefer, but whatever it takes to get raspberries.) On the two- and three-year-old canes, I snipped things back to just above the point where new growth was evident. Hopefully that was the right thing; if not, we'll find out.

Elsewhere in the yard, the hostas and lilies of the valley are popping up, most of the bulbs have their leaves up and a few are starting to sport flowers, and the blueberry bushes look like they’re coming along nicely.

Now, the ogräs needs a good cutting, some new grass seed needs to be put down, and the garden needs many bags of mulch. Plus I need to shake out the milky spore to help get rid of the grubs, and I have to figure out how to protect the apple tree we planted last autumn from the 17-year cicada invasion.

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