Friday, April 23, 2004

Maybe Movement ...

So this morning, Evelin tells me she thinks maybe she felt some fluttering that could be baby kicks.

(It's just a neat and beautiful thing that I don't want to add any comments or anything to, except to say that I'm smiling and awed.)

Still no news on the amnio. I guess we're going to be on the two to three weeks results track instead of the one week the doctor initially thought ...

And my computer seems to be up at work this morning. Maybe there was some cycling or something going on as a result of the blown transformer yesterday that kept causing the shutdowns instead of a blown power supply. This would be a good thing.

Other Things

Blogging: I added a post from Wednesday night that was sitting on my Palm but that I didn't get to upload until this morning.

Garden: Blueberries are setting fruit, strawberries are flowering, the garlic looks great, peas are getting bigger, spinach looks ready to start harvesting, tomato and pepper seedlings were out yesterday to start hardening off, but we need a bed to put them in before we can do anything with them. We still have to figure out how to protect the apple tree from the Brood X cicadas.

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