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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Easier With a Camera Phone? 

So on our walk yesterday, I brought along the camera because you never know if you'll see something interesting. Well, we didn't really see anything interesting, but it was hard to see whether or not Celeste had fallen asleep while we were walking ... Thinking back to a gag that seems to have popped up on the comics page lately (namely using a camera phone to check one's teeth for food; cf., Out of the Gene Pool ) but lacking a camera phone, I used the regular digital camera.

Awake or Not?

Turns out she was awake ... at least at that point during the walk.

Blogger Commenting:

ANd yes, Conor took a while to figure out the splash thing, and now we're soaked. Be careful what you wish for.

And although I'm not sure the direct connection, I now have a new nephew named Carter. However, because my SIL reads my blog...
Oh that's funny. One of Evelin's friends from SheKnows picked Carter as her son's name in part because of exposure to my name ...

In general, it's a good name, and kids these days are less likely to get the "oh, like the president" comments that I always did ...

As for the splashing; I know we'll regret it, but it would be nice to have some indication that the bath isn't total torture for her ... She does play with the water spray some, but other than that ....
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