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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Lamba Fights the Lonelies 

No, it's not a new manga, it's just a story about Celeste. Before she was born, my old neighbors from Louisiana gave us a baby present with a nice, soft lamb/rattle tied to the package. Since she first came home, that lamb has been in Celeste's crib and I always move it so that she can see it when she's lying down. Very early on, when she woke up crying, I started telling Celeste that there was no need to cry when she woke up because Lamba was there, and Lamba helps fight the lonelies.

In general, this is one of those things that I don't think she believes, and I know Evelin doesn't because she will switch the end of the bed Celeste's head is oriented toward without moving Lamba. I always correct this situation as soon as I notice it.

Around 5:00 p.m., as I was finishing things up at the office, I got a call from Evelin. She'd put Celeste down for a nap and she was fussing a bit. Evelin went in to repacify* her and at the same time moved Lamba to be by Celeste's head. Pretty much as soon as Celeste saw Lamba, she gave two more little cries of protest and fell asleep.

Lamba, indeed, helps fight the lonelies.

*Not that we talk about dealing with Celeste in military terms, but we've come to call the sneaking in to stick a pacifier back into her mouth before she wakes up too much a "pacification campaign" and we tend to have to go and repacify her a couple of times during that first hour or so of sleep.

Blogger Commenting:
Celeste has a lovey!!!
BTW, did you receive a lot of hits lately from Here be the Hippogriffs? She just went thru IVF, and I spoke of you.
She has a Lovey, too (a sort of washcloth sized cow-faced thing that has a couple of different textures to it that I try to put in her hands when she's falling asleep ...). That girl has a lot of stuff ...
I did get a bunch of hits with no referer yesterday/this morning (and it looks like you didn't hotlink the mention in Julia's comments, so that explains why it didn't say who they were coming from ... I did wonder ...)

I'm pretty sure Julia was on the Babydust TTC AMM boards at the same time Evelin and I were going through IVF, so I'm guessing she's familiar with our saga ..
While putting her down for a nap, I checked. The thing we've been calling a Lovey is actually a Baby Ganz thing.
Don't know if you'll get this, but I came across your "Lamba" entry when I was trying to locate the same toy for my son (a replacement, dare I say). Our son was born February 25/05, and loves his "Lamby". However, Lamby is in desperate need of a bath, so we would like to replace Lamby before our son is old enough to realize what we've done (i.e. what terrible parents we are). You story made me smile. Ahhh...the joys of parenthood!
Hi Anon, yeah, it's funny what they like. Celeste has moved on from Lamba to a full-fledged blankie, but I pulled out Lamba the other day and it got a really big smile and hug from her ... Congrats on your little one!
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