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Friday, February 11, 2005

I Thought It Never Rained in Southern California 

Well, it's raining now ... I just got in and apparently it's been raining all day. The flight from Chicago was delayed, but otherwise it was a fairly smooth trip, although it sucks being away from Evelin and Celeste. At least M--- E---, Evelin's mother, was able to come down for a visit while I am gone ...

Quick observation and then it's off to bed: This is the first time I've been in L.A. (or at least outside of LAX) and it's kind of neat to see all the signs off the I-5 and I-405 (I think that was the road from John Wayne International Airport) for places that I've heard of or read about ... of course I won't be going to any of them since I'm here for work and pretty much tied down to the Anaheim Convention Center, but that's a different story ...

(Time below is adjusted to PST)

Blogger Commenting:
Sometimes it rains, but only in winter ;)

Enjoy your stay in CA. Drop by In N Out for me.
Of course, that seems to be the time I mostly end up here ...
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