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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Excited About Cantaloupe 

So according to the books, one of the signs that a baby is ready eat something more than breastmilk is interest in what her parents are eating. Today, Evelin was eating some cantaloupe (a.k.a. muskmelon) and she wanted Celeste to smell it. So she held the fork out to her, and Celeste (with surprising speed) knocked the piece of melon into her lap. When we were finished laughing about it, we tried again and she was more deliberate with her movement and got to lick the cantaloupe. We then checked the list — we're supposed to wait until 12 months to introduce cantaloupe, so no Celeste has to wait until she gets that again ...

Blogger Commenting:
Liam started staring intently and waving at whatever we were eating at about four months... but didn't really get into any solids until about 8 months and was on, I reckon maybe 70-80% breastmilk still at 12 months. So much for the books! : )

(PS I tried your other comment system but it didn't seem to work)
Hi Kay! We're not stessing the solids for her yet; it's really just some extra nutrtion, practice, and something different during the day for her. But she seems to be liking it, so who knows ... The plan is nursing for the first year; I guess the breast:solids ratio will adjust as the months pass based on Celeste's interests/demands and Evelin's supply ...
Oh, and the other commenting thing can get wiggy at times; I don't know if it's demands on their server's side or if it's just gremlins running wild on the Internet ...
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