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Thursday, February 03, 2005

If I Blog It, ... 

... then it'll be an aberration rather than the start of something good. Let's just say that we were able to make groceries and have a little bit of play between the post-nap bottle and when Evelin got home. And it was a fairly quick trip to the grocery store. What a good little girl!

One thing about stopping alcohol for so long during our IVF attempt up through Celeste's amnio is that the wine cellar got a bit neglected. I have a bunch of bottles down there that I'd been collecting for a wine tasting party that is now not even on the horizon (and none of those wines are real keepers), and there are a number of other mid to good bottles that don't need to lay down for too long before they're past their prime.

We opened up a 2002 Farfelu Fou de Rouge, which I remember as being a light, fruity wine. It's got some character and the flavor is nice, but there's an unpleasant fizziness to it now. I'd guess the wine was one that should have been drunk last winter at the latest — or maybe it's just in a low period and will be a richer, nicer wine in 2008 or so — but for right now, I'm still enjoying it while Evelin only took a few sips. (I am letting my glass breathe a long time and doing some aggressive swirling, however; that seems to break up the fizz to leave some nice berries and a hint of oak, along with a very pleasant dryness that could linger a bit longer.)

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This is such a familiar tale! We gave up alcohol for preconception care before Liam (who will be three in March) and never really got back into it - since I was breastfeeding and all - and now we're back on the preconception care thing for the next one...
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Wait now, three years of not really drinking, that doesn't match Aussie stereotypes ... of course, my not drinking didn't really match Louisiana stereotypes either, so I guess we all go with what works, eh? Good luck!
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