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Sunday, February 20, 2005

It's Not Food ... 

So Evelin is going through about five years worth of old magazines, mostly Martha Stewart Living, ripping out the recipes and projects that look worthwhile and creating a giant pile of paper for recycling with the rest of the issues.

She just saw one of those "only in MSL" articles: new uses for old chamber pots, and it really looked like Martha was using an old chamber pot as a salad bowl or something. As Evelin noted, no matter how clean it is, you really don't want to eat out of that. Then she read the caption: It's not a salad bowl; it's a pot for storing scrapings destined for the compost heap.

This is why some people hate Martha Stewart: She makes a compost heap look better than some of the food we eat ...

Blogger Commenting:
That made me LOL
Oh man, that is a riot. And I have to say, how in the hell does she make compost look edible? Ours always looks like a gamy, rotting pile of vegetables... which, come to think of it, is what it is!
I'm guessing they took the picture just for the magazine, so those were probably fresh vegetable waste. I say this because the only way she could accomplish this is by cheating!
Enjanerd — do not doubt the power of Martha!

I'm sure everything was fresh, which makes sense, you don't want a bunch of manky coffee grounds, brown carrot scrapings, and half-rotted banana as part of your photoshoot, but at the same time that freshness is what made it look like it was supposed to be a dish, not the leftovers from preparing the dish ...
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