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Friday, February 18, 2005

Thanks A Lot ... 

So on the Friday morning I flew out to Anaheim, I was running around trying to pick up a few last-minute things I needed for the trip — small tube of toothpaste, thumbdrive, this, that, etc. — and I decided I needed a new dop kit. My old one is bigger than I generally need (it works well when both of us are traveling, but for me by myself, it just takes up too much room in the suitcase. Plus I wanted one of those hanging ones that might collapse to a smaller footprint. I found one at Target, not much like I wanted, but it was smaller and would collapse a bit better.

Well, today, I get home to a big envelope from CVS/pharmacy that includes, the exact sort of dop kit I wanted. It's a gift from Garnier Fructis for buying some shampoo back in November. If only their promotional calendar had been a week earlier ... sigh.


I never got a post-nap entry in yesterday, but Celeste did great. We had a nice afternoon together, playing with her balloon and folding laundry. She is doing a lot of vocalizing ... loud vocalizing. It doesn't seem like she's upset, she's just shouting while playing. I try telling her to use her inside voice and she looks at me like I'm crazy. Other than that, there were lots of giggles and smiles.

The other thing is that she has a little bit of a rash. Evelin noticed it while I was away, and thinks it might be food-related (she'd just introduced butternut squash that day or the day before), so Celeste is off solids for a week to see if that'll clear things up. I guess we could have fallen back to the applesauce and cereal, knocking out only the acorn and butternut squashes, but we didn't.

The biggest effect this seems to have had is that she watches us like a hawk if she happens to be up when we're having dinner. Not that we're trying to encourage begging for table scraps, but her furry cousin M--- (a Labrador retriever) would be impressed ...

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We had a rash last night, too.

Oh man, so many differet rashes ... Celeste's is mostly gone now, and she never had a fever, so we don't think it was viral. We're back to double-rinsing her clothes, just in case it is a contact rash, but the heat rash is a possibility, I guess. Urgh! I hope Conner's feeling better!
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