Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hurm ...

If that worked, I'll be very happy. I got home just as Celeste was going down for a nap. On her way out the door, Evelin suggested trying some "preƫmptive soothing." We know Celeste has a built-in alarm clock that tells her to wake up (99% of the time) about 30 minutes after she starts a nap. So, in an attempt to hit the snooze button a few times, I snuck into her room after about 25 minutes of sleep and just waited.

It must be something about her sleep cycle, because at about the half-hour mark she started fidgeting and tugging quickly on her pacifier. So I put my hand on one arm and let her hold a finger. Generally, I was hoping it would feel comforting to her.

Right now at 10 minutes past the wake up point, <touch wood>she's still asleep</touch wood> — not as quietly asleep as she is sometimes, but no sounds of stirring. If she gets a real nap, that would be so cool. (Of course, if I were a little smarter, I'd be getting a nap right now, too, but, alas, having kids can make you lose IQ points.)

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