Wednesday, March 16, 2005

So ... The Rest of the Day

Well, Celeste's nap yesterday lasted all of a half hour and she woke up crying, which is never a good sign. After a bit of just hanging out and a trip to the grocery store, I set her up in the exersaucer to get her dinner ready. Apparently, hunger was again an issue: It hadn't been a full three hours since she last ate, but she downed a 4+ ounce bottle of milk, a cube of butternut squash, a cube of pear, and a cube of sweet potato ... and I'm not sure she was 100% sated.

About the time she was finishing up with dinner, R--- called to say he was at BWI and about to board a MARC train to head down, so Celeste and I loaded up and headed to the New Carrollton Metro station. She was good on the way there, in part because I took one of her current favorite toys — the Vtech Little Smart Tiny Touch™ Phone Plus — which lights and beeps and plays tunes. She had the speaker partially covered, but she kept pressing the cat button (I don't know if accidentally or purposefully) every time I went over a bump in the road. Because the sound was muffled, for a couple of blocks I thought it was some part of the T.R.U.C.K. that was making an odd squeaking noise.

We picked R--- up and she was starting to get cranky — it was getting to be past her bath time and close to bedtime — to the point of a little wailing about one-third of the way home. We got her to settle down by rocking the carseat a little and by switching the radio from NPR to Rhinoceros Tap, and she was asleep by the time we got home. Evelin was home at this point, so she took Celeste upstairs and let her sleep in the bucket for about an hour while we got dinner ready and chatted. At the one-hour mark, Celeste woke up, angry to still be in the carseat, but able to be moved to her crib and soothed back to sleep.

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